Friday, June 25, 2010

Super King Size Bedding

What is Super King Size Bedding

Super king size bedding is one of great choice for you. Do you want to buy super king size beds ? Do you know what actually super king size beds is? some people told that super king size bedding is the same as California king bedding, so be carefull with your choice to buy this super king size beds( especially about your bedroom space), because this size of beds is super king. About the size, the Super King (UK: Super King) is 182×198 cm. This beds are becoming so popular today, i don't know why.super king size bedding image

King Size Beds Type

  1. Regular king sized mattress : This is standard king sized bed measures in Asia and most of the rest of the world around 72″ x 78″. Do you know that the typical king size mattress measures about 76 inches in width and 80 inches and length in United States and Canada and in Europe the same bed measures about 60″ x 75″.
  2. California King mattress : The Californis King mattress is a larger size King bed which measures about 72″ x 84″ in the United States. A subcategory of the California King is called the grand king which measures about 80″ x 98 inches.
  3. The super king size bedding : This is the largest one. Talk about largest size King mattress available is in Europe and has been dubbed the super King. This mattress has the same measurements as a regular king size mattress would have in the country of Asia.

Suggest for you : With more space, comes an increased likelihood that the sheets will be stretched and pulled, and generally tested to a greater degree in terms of their durability. Looking at thread count is the best precaution you can take against sheets that wear out too soon and force you back into the store to hunt for replacements. As mentioned, you can go as low as 80 or so, but this is far from recommended. When you're looking for sheets of this size, I would recommend 400 as a minimum thread count for your list of requirements.

What do you think about super king size beds above? If you’re looking for super king size beds , you can try to buy online by do a little digging to find it, just search with keyword such as super king size bedding or super king size beds .

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